About us

Welcome to Lukify!

We would like to tell you the story of how Lukify came about - an innovative solution from Wernau that is revolutionizing club management.

Clubs play an important role in our society. They bring people together, promote common interests and enable valuable projects. As enthusiastic members of several associations, we founders of Lukify have always been active in the voluntary sector. But despite our passion and dedication, we kept coming up against a common problem - the organization of our helpers.

In many clubs, projects and events are planned and carried out by dedicated members. However, coordination and communication were often difficult. We wanted to develop a solution that would help us and other clubs to deal with these challenges more efficiently.

This gave rise to the idea of a user-friendly and versatile tool that should help us to organize helpers, distribute tasks and keep track of projects. We started developing this tool for internal use in our association. The result was impressive - the work became much easier and we had more time to concentrate on the really important things.

It didn't take long for other clubs to hear about our tool and show interest in using it as well. They saw the potential to address their own organizational challenges and better coordinate their members' engagement.

In that moment, we knew we had created something special - a solution that would support clubs of all types and increase their commitment to the community. We then decided to further develop our tool and make it accessible to the general public. This is how Lukify was born - a platform based on the needs and desires of our target audience.

Our young, creative team did everything to make Lukify a user-friendly, flexible and effective tool. But we never lost close contact with our users. We wanted to actively include their suggestions, feedback and ideas in order to continuously improve Lukify and adapt it to the needs of the clubs.

Thank you for the positive feedback and the support from so many clubs, schools and organizations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland! It is a great honor for us to see how Lukify supports a large number of communities in their daily work and leads their projects to success.

We are proud that Lukify has become an indispensable tool for club managers, teachers and organization leaders. It's inspiring to see how our platform makes it easier for these communities to collaborate and organize, leading to improved efficiency and productivity.

Our vision for the future of Lukify is to continuously develop the tool and make it smarter to create the perfect solution for clubs, schools and organizations. We will work hard to improve usability, integrate new features and make the system even more flexible.

Another goal for the future is to offer additional tools and resources for clubs. We want to develop Lukify into a comprehensive ecosystem that covers all aspects of club management - from membership management to project planning and resource allocation.

Our team is highly motivated to shape the future of Lukify and always keep the needs of our users in focus. We will work closely with our customers to understand their needs and customize our platform accordingly.

Additionally, we would like to thank all our users who give us valuable feedback and support us in continuously improving Lukify. You are the driving force behind our success and we are grateful for the opportunity to translate our passion for clubs and organizations into an innovative and meaningful solution.

The future of Lukify is bright and we look forward to taking you with us on our journey. Together we will make Lukify an even more impressive platform that will continue to optimize club life and the organization of projects in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Thank you for your support and trust in Lukify!

Your Lukify team from Wernau