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Lukify Pro Preview - Coming Soon!

We're thrilled to bring you an exciting preview of Lukify Pro! We will soon be launching an enhanced version of our platform that will take club management to a new level. With Lukify Pro we offer you an extensive suite of tools that help you to organize your club, school or organization even more efficiently.

Finances: Manage your finances effortlessly

Lukify Pro allows you to keep a digital cash book and keep track of all financial transactions. Whether income or expenses, you always have clear financial data at hand and can efficiently manage your club finances.

Newsletter: Communicate simply and GDPR-compliant

With Lukify Pro's new newsletter tool, you can create custom, GDPR-compliant newsletters and send them directly to your contacts. This way you stay in constant contact with your members and supporters and can inform your community even better.

Password manager: A secure solution for your access data

The Lukify Pro password manager allows you to store all important passwords and access data centrally. No more sending passwords back and forth - your team always has secure access to the information they need.

Applications: Simplified membership applications

With Lukify Pro you can completely digitize the admission process of new members. Creates user-friendly online forms and links them directly to contacts management. This saves time, paper and creates a modern and efficient membership administration.

Membership fees: Digital collection of fees

Our advanced tool allows you to digitally record your members' subscription payments and collect them directly via the platform. A streamlined solution that keeps track of your club treasury and saves you time and effort.

Calendar: Your appointments perfectly organized

The extended calendar of Lukify Pro offers you a clear management of your appointments. Be it for board meetings, events or project meetings - with Lukify Pro you can easily keep your appointments under control.

We look forward to launching Lukify Pro soon and bringing these advanced features to you. With our team of passionate developers and our close contact to our target group, we are convinced that Lukify Pro will revolutionize your club work.

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